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In Search of Lice

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A Traveler's Tale

August 2013:  After two hours of navigating the scenic, winding road away from Davao City towards the mountainous villages southeast of the city; we arrived at Barangay Salumay, a sleepy community inhabited by some of the indigenous peoples of the region.

Having caught our breath from a brief stop, we then turned away from the main road and started negotiating a tire track that apparently has not seen much traffic in recent years.  The local leaders, excited about our visit, bulldozed the difficult sections of the track the previous day but a heavy rain the night before only managed to turn the track into an obstacle course of knee-deep quagmire.  For almost an hour, I pushed the 4×4 truck I was driving through the alternating mud and rocks over the hills and alongside deep ravines until we arrived at a small community of Matigsalugs.  Sitio Contract.

The Matigsalugs are…

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Author: Jessie T. Ponce

A traveller and avid, almost obsessive, photographer; I prefer the off-the-beaten-track over tourist-laden hubs, a rural paradise over a five-star urban haven, the simple and uncomplicated over the glitzy and glamorous --- if only life allows one to choose!

One thought on “In Search of Lice

  1. Wonderful shot, the eyes say just about everything, don’t they?

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