Contemplations of a Restless Mind

Adventures and Tales of Jessie T. Ponce


I, the aspiring writer

JESSIE T. PONCE: Photography is a main hobby and I publish my works through my main site, “A Traveller’s Tale”.

But I also like to write about many things, especially my adventures (and misadventures) and other life experiences.  Over the years, I have published a few of these works and written many drafts that never found their way to the public eye.  This site is where I’d like to share them with a hope that they will not remain confined to the viral depths of my hard drive or worse, fade into the dark corners of my faltering mind.  Thanks for being there to at least browse through them.


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi – Both your blogs are incredible!!! We are excited to be following both 🙂

  2. Hi Sir Jessie,

    I am cheered up after reading your story. Now, I am more positive that my friend can survive this illness. I came across to your blog while researching what Brain Aneurysm is all about. Just 3 days ago, my friend was brought to the hospital and diagnosed of this disease. She had her first operation and further operations must be undergone. By the way we are in Manila. She has 2 sons, both still babies, my friend is around 25 yrs. old. I just have 2 ways to helping her, one is to pray for her healing and 2 is to look for charity institutions that can finance her operations. I hope you could direct me to those institutions. Godbless you, your wife and your whole family.

    • Hello brideindreams. Glad my wife’s story gave hope to you. While only a small percentage of victims survive this dreadful disease, there’s always hope that our patient will be amongst the survivors. In financing my wife’s bills, I was very fortunate to have personal sources and didn’t have to approach charitable institutions but among those suggested to me were PCSO, PAGCOR, and offices of senators and congressmen. I don’t know exactly how to access their support but I’m sure there will be websites, etc. God bless and hoping for the best for your friend.

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